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At Kindred Spirit Brewing, we offer a variety of spaces to accommodate parties of all sizes.
 Whether a birthday, shower, or work gathering, you will find a comfortable, relaxed venue for any occasion!

Available Spaces

Galaxy - Taproom Takeover

Like the name implies, you get everything: Taproom, Production, and Deck. 
You get the place to yourself.
Note that availability is limited on weekends.

Occupancy  <191
Seats  <150
Area  5895sf
Common Uses…
Large gatherings, weddings, fundraisers

Mosaic Room

A quiet fully conditioned space with a cozy feel.  Access is by French doors within steps of the entrance to the brewery.
This space can be set up with tables and chairs for board room style meetings, buffet style food lines with 3-4 tables/chairs, cocktail tables for standing, about 5 rows of 5 chairs for presentations, etc…

Occupancy  <30
Seats  <24
Area  15’x28′ (420sf)
Common Uses…
small gatherings, meetings, presentations, private food service, birthday parties, baby showers

Nugget - Stage

Just a small piece or nugget of the taproom.
These tables are free on a first-come, first-served basis;
however, they can be reserved for a small fee.

Occupancy  <25
Seats  <20, 10 per table
Area  12’x15′ (170sf)
Common Uses…
Happy hours, small gatherings, etc..

Citra Space - Deck

This cozy deck has a bar rail that sits 8-10 people, 4 picnic tables and a patio table with cushioned chairs.  The patio table can be removed for live entertainment as the deck has a covered 50sf “mini-stage”.  There is a sun shade over the picnic tables.

Occupancy  <60
Seats  <50
Area  975 sf
Common Uses…
 Any gathering outdoors.

The Grotto

This shady little space in the woods has 5 picnic tables each capable of seating 6-8 adults.  The space is secluded and more private than most spaces. String lights are over the picnic tables and lit up at night.
The area is regularly treated for mosquitos. 

Occupancy  <50
Seats  <40
Area  1000sf+ (~20’x~50′)
Common Uses…
Any gathering outdoors!

Centennial - Brew House

Have your guest mingle where “it all happens”.  Seats are amidst all the production operations of the brewery. Beside our mill room, boiler room and keg storage area, seats are close to the brew house for a unique experience.

Occupancy  <70
Seats  <45
Area  1500 sf (27’x50′)
Common Uses…
socials, indoor sporting events
birthday parties, dinners, art events

Frequently Asked Questions

Is outside food allowed?

Yes. While we always encourage supporting our food trucks, we do understand that trucks are not always at the brewery and/or an event may have special food needs. You are welcome to bring in your favorite caterer or get recommendations from our staff.

Can I bring alcohol to KSB?

No. It is against Virginia law to have any alcohol on KSB property without a special ABC permit.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

Yes. For our staff's sanity, confetti is not allowed. We ask that you treat our facilities like your home; no tape, pins, or staples on walls. Out of respect for all of our customers' beliefs and diversity, political and religious signs are not allowed. Decorations are confined to the space rented unless approved by staff.

Event Request

Event Request